Futuro Water Bottle - Set of 2


The best water bottle...ever. Comes in a pair, so deal with it.

Stay hydrated in style with this water bottle that takes its design cues from the Futura 2000 / Colnago partnership and pays homage to San Fran's own rainbow cycling warrior, Robin Williams. The bike will run over $100,000...the bottles are only 20 bucks for the pair. Also, the design will match any kit, any bike, any home decor. Promise.


WATERGATE CAP - the most popular cap. High rate of fluid flow. Hands free open and close. 100% leak-proof top locks down for transport. Self-sealing Heart Valve to prevent leaks, even when valve is open! Easy clean cap.

STAINLESS, ODOR-FREE, NO TASTE RESIDUE. BPA free plastic made from FDA food-grade materials and printed with non-solvent base (UV cured) CPSC-approved ink.

EASY TO USE - EASY TO POUR. Lightweight flexible bottle with an easy-grip and a quick fit into your bike cage or bottle holster.

FLEXIBLE LIKE A SPORT BOTTLE, CLEAN LIKE A GLASS. Purist technology gives you the flexibility and safety of a sports bottle with the pure taste of drinking from a glass.